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EandB Education has developed a range of free materials to assist teachers to deliver the HASS Economics and Business syllabus.

The materials that are currently available are for Year 5. Year 6 materials are being added as they are developed. During 2017 the set of materials available will expand to cover Year 7 and Year 8.


Materials include:

  • the Knowledge and Understanding content descriptions from the syllabus

  • a diagram showing how the content can be sequenced

  • an unpacking of the syllabus content to show the sequence across years

  • the HASS skills descriptions from the syllabus

  • explanations about vocabulary development

  • answers those learning activities that require specific responses

  • additional learning activities

  • reflective learning strategies

  • a glossary

  • sample assessment tasks and marking keys (coming soon)

  • content links with other HASS subjects and with other Learning Areas.


Select the Year 5 or Year 6 drop down from the Teacher Resources tab above to view the materials.