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  • Chris Stone

Wider exposure

The three months from May to July saw high sales of our Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 books.

Now 67 schools have purchased books (most for all three years). Economics and Business Education is happy to see the materials being used so widely to implement the Economics and Business component of the HASS syllabus.

We all appreciate the importance of gaining the understandings that develop economic and financial literacy. The HASS syllabus provides these opportunities which should be very beneficial for students' future well-being. It also provides excellent opportunities for students to develop particular '21st Century' skills such as data interpretation, data representation, logical thinking, and evaluating potential economic, business and financial options. These skills will assist students in their future careers.

I firmly believe that learning about economics and business ideas occurs best when current real world examples are the basis of teaching. As a result, the information and data used in our materials feature recent Australian examples.

If you are finding the materials useful please help us to get the message out by letting colleagues at other schools know through your professional networks.

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