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  • Chris Stone


There is a range of opinion on the what the economic effects of COVID-19 will be. One thing that I know is that it is a great way to engage students in the world of economics.

For your own professional learning here are some articles that I have found interesting:

COVID-19: The economic rescue package must target households as well as businesses by Danielle Wood and Brendan Coates from the Grattan Institute

Published on ABC News, March 19 2020, and available at:


Talking straight on COVID-19: the economic effects will be ugly by Danielle Wood and Brendan Coates from the Grattan Institute

Published in the Australian Financial Review, March 18 2020, and available at:


COVID-19: Our most vulnerable workers need more helpby Brendan Coates and Matt Cowgill on the Grattan Blog, 17 March 2020, and available at:


The only thing we can say with certainty is that the fallout from coronavirus is going to be brutal by Greg Jericho

Published in The Guardian, 19 March 2020, and available at:


Rolling crisis - The Reserve Bank takes extraordinary measures by Paddy Manning

Published in The Monthly Today, 19 March 2020, and available at:


Has the coronavirus pandemic revealed the Reserve Bank has lost control of the economy? by Ian Verrender

Published on ABC News, 19 March 2020, and available at: