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Coming soon - Year 8

After a long period spent researching and writing, our Year 8 book - Participation and Influences in the Marketplace - is nearly ready for printing. It will have the same look and format as the Year 7 book. It covers all the content descriptors from the syllabus and contains over 40 learning activities that get students to apply their knowledge and develop their HASS skills.

The two ideas that took extensive research during the writing process were 'business rights and responsibilities' and 'influences on the ways people and factors that may affect work in the future'. The book pulls together content from a range of areas to give a good 'view' of these areas of the syllabus - and save teachers valuable time.

As in Year 7 the emphasis in the book is on up-to-date Australian examples.

The secondary order form on the EandB Education website will be updated soon to allow you to allow you to order the Year book.

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