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  • Chris Stone

The 2019-20 budget — sliced, diced and visualised

The ABC allows you to investigate the components of federal government revenue and spending in an interactive manner. As you move between the main categories you see the more fine-grained level below.

You can also go back a few years and into the forward estimates.

I found it useful as the typical pie graph now shows items like Sales taxes which hides where the GST sits (even though it is almost all of that category).

Visualised data is a powerful learning tool. Share it with:

  • your Year 8 class when teaching about how the government intervenes in markets

  • your Year 10 class when teaching about managing economic performance and how income is re-dististributed

  • your Year 11 class when teaching about the Australian taxation system

  • your Year 12 class when teaching about fiscal policy.

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