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Economic Rockstar podcast

I have just discovered Frank Conway, founder of Economic Rockstar. Frank is “dedicated in providing you with great resources and insightful information about economic-related content”.

Have a look at Frank’s website:

There Frank says that he has “reached out to experts and influencers in economics and finance to share their knowledge and research with you. These people are passionate at what they do and I want to share this passion with you. This is the reason why the Economic Rockstar Podcast was created so that you can listen to their story and their interesting insights in economics and finance-related content. By using the resources provided by Economic Rockstar, you can increase your awareness, knowledge and intuition in economics and finance.”

Whilst you are on the ER website, have a listen to Wendy Carlin in Episode 174 of Economic Rockstar podcast from 31 Jan 2019. Wendy has worked on the development of the CORE program for undergraduate Economics. It is a very interesting discussion.I noticed that Wendy completed her undergraduate education at Murdoch University here in Perth. She is a keynote speaker at the upcoming Australian Conference of Economists (ACE) in Melbourne 14-16 July. ACE 2019 is during the school holidays. I attended ACE 2018 and it was professionally very informative and interesting. You can have a look at the conference program at:

Have a look at the CORE e-Book that you can read for free. Although pitched at first year university it is simple to read and provides many interesting examples that could be used in secondary school Economics classrooms.

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