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  • Chris Stone

Econs is on the radio

ABC Radio has launched a new series for their program ‘The Money’ (Thursday at 5.30pm and repeated Friday at 1.30pm). The series called 'The Economists' on Radio National 'uses the tools of economics to shine a light on life'. The first two episodes were on 'The economics of love and loyalty' and ‘Is education a waste of time and money'! There was some fascinating discussion.

As Molly would say, ‘Do yourself a favour’ and listen/ subscribe/ download The Economists on your ABC Listen App, or wherever you get your podcasts.

There are also many past episodes of ‘The Money’ that are interesting. You would probably not use all of an episode in class. But ‘bits’ can provide an innovative ‘hook’ to get students started on a topic. Some from the last 12 months that I found interesting were on the economics of fashion, cars, music, scans and income distribution.

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